Monday, 29 June 2009

Ten Principles for an “iPhone­-like” Platform for HIT

Ten Principles for Fostering Development of an “iPhone­-like” Platform for Healthcare Information Technology

  1. Technology platforms that support substitutable applications should be promoted.

  2. Messages and protocols for data exchange should be allowed to emerge on demand in a market-driven approach, and specified transparently at every level.

  3. Protocols and application programming interfaces should allow the possibility of multiple platforms co-existing.

  4. Application programming interfaces should be open.

  5. Substitutable application or platform vendors should not have control over what is installed on the platform.

  6. Application installation should be turnkey.

  7. The intellectual property of platforms and applications should be kept separate.

  8. All applications should be removable and none should be required to run a platform.

  9. The platform should have a highly efficient delivery mechanism for applications.

  10. Certification requirements for platforms and applications should be kept minimal to maximize substitutability.

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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Updating blogs with mobile

Using a Nokia N97 and the new functionality of Posterous, which is autopostr.
This is no 'groundbreaking' technology, but I only want to stress the ease of use. The very simple keyboard (which allows reasonable fast typing) of the N97 and its 5 megapixel camera are the base for this lightweight type of communication. The posterous autopostr updates posterous + blog by sending ONE email. Can't get any easier then that.
Could use a spellcheck though.
Produced in

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Friday, 26 June 2009

DIY Telemedicine for at home monitoring

I think there's giant market for DIY wireless healthcare monitoring @ home. 
Call it a Nokia Sports Tracker framework, with additional health monitoring functions and professional follow up.
People with broadband routers can buy devices (fitness, weighing scale, heart monitor, glucose meters, accelerometers, ...) that interconnect with the router via Wi-Fi.
Companies can offer:
  • non-expensive devices that are easy to use and install
  • services/platforms for interpretation of the data (and sharing?)
  • guidance/advice for end-users
  • alarm-procedures/interventions
Simplicity = key

What effect will this have on government spending?

Posterous autopost strongly recommended by moi

How does autoposting work?
Just set up your other accounts here. The next time you post to posterous, we will instantly autopost everywhere else:
  • Facebook profile newsfeeds will be updated each time you post to notify your friends. You can also autopost photos to your photo album and embed your blog directly in your profile.
  • Twitter messages will use the title of your post up to 130 characters, and then append a shortened url.
  • Flickr photos will be put automatically in your photostream. If you attach multiple photos, we'll post them all in the order we receive them.
  • Blogs will be updated with the full content you send us. We'll host your images, music and files, so you don't have to lift a finger.
You control where we post.
Just email the right address and we'll do the right thing.

You can also address an email to #{text} and it will post to any site where the url contains that text. will go to and, but NOT


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