Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Overview of non-invasive mhealth solutions + trends

Preparing for MoMoAMS #14, I made an overview of non-invasive mHealth devices and services.
Thanks for the feedback and the RT's of the community!
Special thanks to David Doherty (3GDoctor) for pointing me to several great companies in the EU.

Still have questions:
  1. Is mHealth going to be a succesful export product of developing countries?
  2. I have undoubtely overlooked companies and services, which are they?
  3. I certainly should have incorporated mobile medication checks and alerts, any pointers?
  4. If wearable solutions are the outcome, can i take them to the drycleaners?
  5. If devices evolve from medical ones to consumer goods, will the pricedrop be sufficient to overcome reimbursement problems?
  6. What policies are needed if everyone starts spreading and sharing information?
  7. How long it will take before specific medical ringtones are developed (or even mandatory)?
  8. Are hospitals and practioners ready to handle the amount of data coming their way (with current hard- and software)?
Love to hear from you!

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