Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cloud storage for the exchange of health information

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For several years I'm complaining that paper health records are getting lost when one of the elderly residents of our carehome is hospitalised.

We did all kinds of efforts to prevent loss of the papers, but no success till now.
In case of loss we had to fax (alas, no email) the papers to the central reception of the hospital (alas, no fax at the specific department).
I was approached by a hospital and a software vendor to find a solution.
A logical suggestion was to use cloud storage (like Amazon, Dropbox, Nomadesk, ...) and to use encrypted folders (per user or per organisation) for such papers. Such cloud solutions are easy to use, very flexible, easy to implement and safe enough for this purpose. When hospital staff reacts outraged 'how unsafe this is', I point them to the current 'solution' where we fax the papers to the central reception.
I'm very curious which cloud solution they are going to produce, how cheap it will be and how user friendly it will be.