Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Senior housing should lead with tech-enabled service to drive costs down

that the current approaches are unsustainable and so last-century

Baby boomers do NOT want to go to a senior house,
the cost to house them in a senior house are unsustainable anyway.
And if the cost would be sustainable, there wouldn't be (human) staff to take care of customers.
There's only one way to cope with these problems and that's at home monitoring, collaborative (family) caring and preventive medicine. Mhealth can play a major role in these 3 solutions.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Improve patient - doctor communication with a smartphone

Dutch insurer VGZ made this great iPhone app (Android coming soon) to improve communication between patient and doctor.
After accepting the User Agreement you can use this app to:
  • prepare your visit to the doctor by taking notes (you can use a FAQ for your specific medical problem)
  • use these notes (checklist) during the visit
  • you can even record (by doctors consent) the doctors diagnose
All notes and recorded material are for personal use only and can't be published publicly.

Other features include finding your doctor by GPS and/or rating the service by certain criteria.

I really like the FAQ-feature where you can have a look at questions that most people -with a similar medical problem- ask their doctors.

YouTube Dutch version

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Combine this with the increase of 70+ using inet (Pew)

Report: 70 percent want access to mHealth - http://pulsene.ws/xFXY

Pew Internet found out that the biggest growing group of internet users are seniors.
They will rapidly switch to mobile because of simplicity (touchscreens and user experience).
Great combination for mhealth.

Love posterous even more

The recently released groups are already awesome. I love the possibility to quickly switch between the 'regular' site and the groups-site.
Beta for one week for crowdsourcing and bugtracking ... and then releasing it. Talking about fastdevelopment!
And the Posterous Android app, which i'm using to post this, is also extremly easy to use. Big WOW is the easyness to post accross different Posterous sites.