Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lightweight lowtech lowcost company communication (part deux)

A quick update on the development of our public bulletin board.
The Archos 7 was a complete failure as you might have read.

I then choose an Acer Aspire Z All-in-one touchscreen PC.
Equipped it with Opera in kiosk mode.
Took some time to set everything up (and remove truckloads of bloathware), but the entire system is now tailor-fit to our needs.

Using the posterous menubar I'm adding more and more content:

  • briefing overview
  • workschedules
  • contacts
During the first weeks it was discouraging to see employees hesitating to use the digital bulletin board.
Even more discouraging to hear employees stating that "I prefer paper" (although I incorporated printable reports with RunJasperReports). 
But as we keep adding information via the menubar ... more and more employees are using the board, more and more frequent.
Mission accomplished.