Saturday, 30 August 2008

Dipity for healthcare

Dipity for healthcare

First in a series of random deep thoughts on opensource, mashups and healthcare.

Wouldn't it be great to have your personal health records organised like in

  • visits to doctors (+ findings),
  • drug prescriptions (+start- and finish-times),
  • X-rays,
  • results of blood-tests, sugar/diabetes, pulse, weight, ...,
  • treatments of osteopaths, dentists, physiotherapists, ...

Visualising this data would enhance the diagnose

  • What about have a drug described on a foreign trip and you are unsure about what that drug does and what that strange looking doctor murmured to you in engrish? Take a picture of the drug and upload it to your Flickr-health-account, which displays on the Dipity-timeline. Await your doctors advice. Same goes for that strange rash you got in some tropical forrest.
  • What about inserting your personal RSS-feed (maybe about your sport activities), conversations with whatever practioner on Twitter, ...
  • What about diagnosing problems if they occured in a certain location if people's data is geotagged? That could improve upon the speed of treatments for larger groups of people.

Strong points

  • Personal interference and commenting
  • Visualisation on a timeline
  • You can zoom in on an overview for the last couple of days, or zoom out for a broader overview
  • Allow adding different sources
  • Invite editors (caregivers) to your medical timeline
  • Having an exact timestamp on an entree in the timeline
  • Possibility to have your exact location added
  • Accessibility
  • Sharing information

Probably you can add more possibilities

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Anonymous said...

Same could be accomplished by, if it would expand its service