Monday, 29 June 2009

Ten Principles for an “iPhone­-like” Platform for HIT

Ten Principles for Fostering Development of an “iPhone­-like” Platform for Healthcare Information Technology

  1. Technology platforms that support substitutable applications should be promoted.

  2. Messages and protocols for data exchange should be allowed to emerge on demand in a market-driven approach, and specified transparently at every level.

  3. Protocols and application programming interfaces should allow the possibility of multiple platforms co-existing.

  4. Application programming interfaces should be open.

  5. Substitutable application or platform vendors should not have control over what is installed on the platform.

  6. Application installation should be turnkey.

  7. The intellectual property of platforms and applications should be kept separate.

  8. All applications should be removable and none should be required to run a platform.

  9. The platform should have a highly efficient delivery mechanism for applications.

  10. Certification requirements for platforms and applications should be kept minimal to maximize substitutability.

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