Thursday, 23 July 2009

ROI of social media in healthcare #bbmtehc


  • Volunteers / Fundraising / Charity
  • Get media coverage (= also reputation?)
  • Expectancy / Reputation / Credibility
  • Patient guidance + empowerment
  • Blurring lines of geograpical borders / limitations (= also reputation?)
  • Follow up negative comments + conversation in general (= also reputation?)
  • Teaching / Education
  • If someone is searching for you on web, and doesn’t find you, you don’t exist! Ditto w/social media
  • Four primary social media tools for hospitals--Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and blogs.
  • Doctor engagement when low cost in terms of time (flip video in stead of blog postings)
  • ROI <-> ROC =Return on Connections
  • Not focus on 1 medium, fast switching (ex. from MySpace -> Facebook)
  • "Social media is the 21st century evolution of Word of Mouth." -@LeeAase
  • "Our first step (at MD Anderson) was to think about identifying our audience. What content are they interested in?" -@JennTex
  • @JennTex - your hospital's target audiences will influence or dictate which #sm aand #hcsm sites & tools you will use
  • Loss of "control" difficult for many #hospitals to accept
  • The end of traditional "Push-only" Web sites
  • One great idea, use unique 800#s to measure interest from Social Media channels
  • should use more than just number of friends to track success, but use landing pages ie. specific url's to drive traffic and measure / Using a landing page in a tweet allows you to track the users activity on the site after they've followed the lead
  • How about Cost Of Not Investing in social media? / What's the "Return on Ignoring"? ==> 40% decrease in visitors after stopping sm activities
  • HIPAA is concern in tweeting medical and surgical procedures; but not significantly differ from video and articles from procedures
  • Love use of the word "moderate" rather than control. Too many ppl feel the need to control SM
  • Most effective videos come from simple cameras, person telling story in powerful, honest and truthful way. No polish.


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