Monday, 31 August 2009

Increase possibilities of independent living by technology

Ambient Assisted Living
CAALYX aims at increasing older people's autonomy and self-confidence by developing a wearable light device capable of measuring specific vital signs of the elderly, detecting falls, and communicating automatically in real time with his/her care provider in case of an emergency, wherever the elderly person happens to be, at home or outside.
TRAIL In TRAIL, we develop innovative research that explores the implications of these changes and how they can promote sustainable collaboration between public, private and voluntary service providers. We utilise academic, business and community partnerships focused on participative research and design, encompassing living lab and open innovation methodologies and practices.
PERSONA aims at advancing the paradigm of Ambient Intelligence through the harmonisation of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technologies and concepts for the development of sustainable and affordable solutions for the social inclusion and independent living of Senior Citizen, integrated in a common semantic framework.
Grand Care The GrandCare system supports standard protocols which means that the list of supported sensors will continue to grow. Depending on the situation, we will provide sensors based on wireless X10, powerline X10, Zwave, or Zigbee standards. You can always start small and add new sensors as the situation requires.
eNeighbor (Healthsense wi-fi) Healthsense Integrated Solutions offers completely integrated systems including: Wi-Fi Wireless Nurse Call, Remote Monitoring, Telehealth and campus-wide Wi-Fi communication. These systems are scalable, flexible, and based on proven open network communication standards.
Fall prevention
Artesis + VUB Accelerometer based gait analysis
myHalo is a step ahead for you and your caregivers and it brings the future home. This is the only system offering automatic 24/7 vital signs and activity monitoring, including advanced fall detection. That means, you don’t have to push a panic button, because the system already knows when you have fallen.
U.Va.'s School of Engineering Wireless body sensor networks that monitor gait, being developed by University of Virginia researchers, could offer a solution on both fronts.
GE Ecumen Quietcare Video shot at Ecumen's Lakeview Commons community in Maplewood, Minnesota, was shown at GE and Intel press conference announcing proactive health technology partnership between the two companies. 
GeriatricAssistant (bug labs) This application is the combination of various geriatric assistance ideas(two to be exact). The first function of the application is a more modern “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” device which actually attempts to detect when a fall has occurred using the Motion/Accelerometer module. If a fall is detected, a log is posted to a tumblr account complete with an image which pin-points the location of the fall based on the GPS coordinates retrieved from the GPS module. The second function of the application is used to help people with memory issues (Alzheimer's patients, etc.) by recording images throughout the day and allowing them to review those images in rapid succession before they go to bed, which has been proven to help increase their recollection of events.

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