Saturday, 30 January 2010

mHealth is HUGE (MoMoAMS #14 about Mobile Health)

Preparing for MoMoAMS #14, jan 25, 2010, I made a modest overview of the mHealth scene.
Thanks to the great comments i got on- and offline, i was able to create the actual presentation.

More info
Pictures here:
Check out the MoMoAMS website, one of these they will broadcast all events:

An arm and a leg for
  • The impressive organisational talents of the MoMoAMS team (in particular @mdbraber) and their expertise to produce a full circle 360° overview mHealth program.
  • The insights of Nick
  • The friendliness of Robert (sure we'll meet soon + frequent)
  • A night in an Irish pub in the company of David (anytime! anyplace!)
  • The relaxed coolness of Jeanna (don't want to play poker with you though ;) )
  • The drive and optimism of Ivor (TOP presentation!)
  • The style, 'gentlemenness' and creativity of Fabio (no one noticed Steve Jobs is a Fabio look-a-like!)
  • My first psychedelic mushroom experiment in the company of Jen, joining me in this experiment (need someone to take notes!!)

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