Friday, 10 September 2010

mHealth SWOT-analysis: blame it on speeding

Is mHealth a hype or not?

That depends on which mHealth segment you are talking about. The mHealth-definition is ready to be re-written due to it's rapid development (like the health2.0-definition).
There are differences between wireless communication in healthcare, tracking systems, mobile apps, at home monitoring systems, ... all of which are considered "mhealth".
Some segments have tremendous future on a short term, some on a longer term, some will be buried by legal barriers, some will have zero chance due to government incompetence and ignorance.
And then you have consumers that are only aware of the shiny side of technology and are outraged the possibilities aren't rolled out more rapidly. Such an outrage, together with social media, fuels hyping. 

The main threat for mHealth (broad definition) stays it's recent acceleration in development AND the fact that it's now available at reasonable prices. Going at warpspeed the mHealth development takes some corners too fast. Mhealth comes at such speed that panicking competitors can only shoot it before asking questions and governments doing likewise. Together with these consequences, this leads to even more blurring and confusing definition(s).

Better definitions will lead to better understanding and correct estimates of the real potential of the different mHealth segments.

I suggest you read 3 excellent unbiased articles on this:

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