Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 Predictions in Medicine, Healthcare, Technology and Innovation « ScienceRoll

2) Curation -> will there be a market for RSS-feed experts, offering you a tailorfit newsoffer?
4) Mhealth will be a entire ecosystem (identification, payment, location, monitoring, etc.). Lots of apps will try to ‘plug in’ to EHR’s, which will leverage their usefulness enormously. Question here is: “Can mobile operators cope with the sudden increase in 3G/4G data usage?”.
6) The importance of ‘voice’: i fully agree. But don’t underestimate the imortance of interface design (simplicity – i like the term ‘fisher price design’)
12) Will we also see patients that are so empowered that they will be doing live reporting from the hospital? Or broadcast an ‘investigation’ in realtime?
14) SoMe presence in pharma … but also in care-institutions. Mainly deployed for recruitment purposes, painting a pleasant SoMe environment.

If i may add 2:
explosion of tech for boomers
data-mining of health data

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