Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Curious about further suggestion on the line-up for TEDxMaastricht


The 2012 programme of TEDxMaastricht will be centered around five tracks

  • Medicine around the World
  • Health is a data problem
  • E-health is Empowered-Health
  • To talk or not to… listen
  • The gamification of health

More information about these tracks will be revealed later. If you have any suggestions about speakers who would fit in one of these tracks, drop a line below this page.

TEDxMaastrichts mission is to help the world understand that change in healthcare is imminent. We aim to fire up and grow a movement of people who believe the next decennium should be the era of the rising of self-empowered patients. Embracing the patient, their family and informal care into the healthcare team.

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