Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Health Care Blog: Physician Executives Should Not Ignore How Smartphones Will Transform Healthcare

Physician executives who ignore smartphones and their healthcare applications will miss the most important disruptive technology trend in the next five years. Physician executives who understand how smartphones will transform the industry for providers, payers, patients, and employers will thrive in their careers.

A great round up of mobile solutions for healthcare, excellent research numbers and relevant quotes from different players in that field by Kent Bottles (@KentBottles).

Haven't read about the love that people feel about their device(s) or "second self". Now i'm even more convinced that upcoming baby boomers will embrace mhealth (broad definition).

Tying together the healthdata that will come through a giant firehose will indeed be very challenging. Companies that will specialize in health data integration and aggregation (slide 25 & 26: will prosper.

Now i'll have a look at some examples/companies that Kent posted and i'm not familiar with ... yet.

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