Saturday, 4 June 2011

Assessing healthcare innovations in ICT: the society scorecard


What's the real worth of an innovation in healthcare? 

What's the impact on a society?

Preparing for Westartup healthcare, I dug up a simple scorecard I used to determine the impact of an ICT - innovation in healthcare.
The scorecard gives a score, based on questions from 5 different angles:
Care organisation
What's the ROI? (workflow, efficiency and general cost reduction) 
Does it have a quantifiable impact on marketing and recruitment?
Will it simplify making business/management decisions?
Is it interoperable with other aspects of the healthcare ecosystem?
What are the costs to train people to work with the product/service? How simple is it to use?
Care consumer
Does it offer convenience? Will it allow to reshape healthcare to fit people's lives (and not the other way around)?
What about participating in the process? Will it help the consumer to interact?
Exactly how does it improve the quality of the treatment from a consumers perspective?
Will it offer peace of mind?
Is it easy/simple to use?
Care practitioner
Can you quantify the improvements on efficiency, workflow and time?
Is it user friendly? Is it simple to use? Is it intuitive?
Will it enhance interaction with other practitioners?
How interoperable is it with the other tools I use?
Can it simplify decision making?
Will it lower healthcare costs? Will it lower reimbursement costs by lowering re-admission, enhancing adherence, ... or by lowering efficiency in workforce and processes? 
Does it improve the quality of treatment?
Can it speed up developing a cure?
I can haz 458 Italia?

The weight of the 5 scores might differ for each product/service, but calculating an overall result is feasible and meaningful.
Suggestions on improving this simple model are welcome!

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