Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Will we get the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate on improving mankind?


We have very high development cycles of devices and techniques (18 months or less) AND an industry moving at a ludicrous speed.

We have an enormous amount of incompatible data, coming from: 
  • different devices, 
  • via different systems, 
  • via different (mobile) OSs
Despite great efforts of organisations like Continua Health Alliance, it's an illusion to think that -someday- we will be using the same (open) techniques/standards worldwide to collect and combine health-data.

Striving towards compatibility and interoperability is essential, but I believe this should be complemented by focussing on efficient ways to aggregate all that incompatible data (the equivalent of Friendfeed) and display it as a coherent stream in a personal health record. 
Fusion with data from energy-sources, city- & home-services and social media will further leverage the potential of the collected data.

Extra advantage is that the collected data can be searched upon anonymously. Possibilities to improve mankind by developing cures & remedies faster, improving diagnoses, improving adherence, ... and at the same time lowering the (healthcare)costs and giving more opportunity for 'face time'.

Good examples are:

Will we find good plumbers to connect the different data-pipes? 
Will the diameter of the data-pipes be wide enough to cope with an enormous data-flow?
Will our buckets be big enough to store collect/store the data? 
Will we find enough good craftsmen to visualize and interpret that flow? 
Will we get the ecosystem to collaborate on improving mankind? 

Slide from 'mhealth is huge' preso at MoMoAMS.

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